Faucet Streams Boiling Hot Water To Eliminate Need For Tea Kettle

The Grohe Red faucet has an added knob that can instantly provide boiling hot water at 99°c and can store up to 3 liters.

Europe’s largest manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom fittings, Grohe, has released a new faucet called the ‘Grohe Red’, which can instantly provide boiling hot water directly from the tap. This innovative kitchen gadget can store up to 3 liters of filtered water at temperatures of 99°c, so it is ready for immediate use at all times. It offers a great alternative to a kettle for making a cup of tea or coffee, and could also be used for boiling pasta, blanching vegetables, etc. The faucet also features a child lock system to help prevent youngsters accidentally burning themselves.

Click through to see pictures of the ‘Grohe Red’ and watch the video of it in action below: