Burberry Introduces $1300 Sculpted Umbrellas [Pics]

Burberry Introduces $1300 Sculpted Umbrellas [Pics]

The brand has released a luxury line featuring hand-carved animal heads that are reminiscent of Victorian times.

Emma Hutchings

Burberry targets the nostalgia market by harkening back to hunting days of the British Upper classes with the introduction of it’s Fall/Winter 2012 umbrellas featuring animal heads handcrafted by Italian artisans. The line of umbrellas includes a range of designs, with ram, owl, duck, hound, and pheasant handles. Some have been moulded from resin, some carved from natural maple wood, and some are gold-plated. A limited edition duck handle has been painted in a selection of five different colors. The umbrella start at $850 and go up to $1,295 for the limited edition designs. Click through to see pictures of the distinctive animal handles: