Cardboard Bicycle Can Be Built For $9 [Video]

Designer Izhar Gafni has created a bike using cardboard, which is dipped in a coating material that makes it able to withstand the elements.

Israeli designer Izhar Gafni has built a functioning bicycle out of cardboard, with the total cost for materials reaching just $9. The innovative design uses a common material in a new way, defying engineers who told Gafni it would be impossible to build. The cardboard is dipped in a special coating that makes it able to withstand the elements, and the bike is designed for someone up to 300lbs to ride. Gafni experimented with a number of prototypes before creating the winning design, which is an eco-friendly alternative for urban cyclists that wouldn’t cost the earth to replace if it was stolen. You can check out Giora Kariv’s video about the project below:

Izhar cardboard bike