Quirky Sofa With Built-In Tunnels Lets Cats Play While Owners Rest [Pics]

A furniture design that allows pets and owners to co-exist when there’s limited space.

Product designer, Seungji Mun, recognizes the growing number of cat owners in Korea, but the limited space in the homes to keep the pets active and happy. He came up with a practical piece of furniture that integrates a cat play toy with a comfortable couch. The sofa has a long connecting tunnel that also acts as an arm rest and back support. Cats can also explore, rest, and run around in the tunnel.

The cat tunnel sofa is designed with the pet and the owner in mind. According to Mun’s website, the structure and shape of the sofa was designed after “analyzing and observing cats’ habits and behaviors through experts’ opinions and sufficient research.”

Click through the photos below to see more images of the pet-friendly design.

Cat tunnel sofa