Voice-Recognition XBOX Soccer Penalizes Players For Swearing At The Game [Video]

FIFA 13 recognizes voice commands but also swear words.

The latest update of EA Sports’ FIFA 13 will utilize the voice recognition technology available on the the Xbox Kinect. This allows gamers to control team formation, and even call for the ball simply by shouting out the commands. Furthermore, players can also argue with the referee when they’re unhappy with a particular decision. The game recognizes swear words, and excessive bad language will influence the referee’s decision-making and can also hurt the gamer’s score in later stages.

FIFA 13 will be released on 28 September, 2012. In additional to the voice control feature, the game will also include the ability to manage an international career, more ‘intelligent’ computer players, and a set of mini-games to improve skills like shooting and crossing.