Artist Creates Portraits Made Of Floppy Disks [Pics]

Artist Creates Portraits Made Of Floppy Disks [Pics]

Nick Gentry makes illustrations using outdated and obsolete media.

Plus Aziz

Nick Gentry is an emerging British artist who works with outdated and obsolete media (such as VCRs, rolls of film, cassettes…etc.) upcycling them to form art pieces addressing consumerism, technology, and media.

We recently came across his ‘floppy disk paintings’, which consist of numerous portraits illustrated on floppy disks. Click through the gallery below to see the portraits or watch the video below for some close-ups.

Interestingly, he runs a program titled Xchange where he’s currently encouraging people to donate used film negatives, X-rays, and any transparencies. We’re looking forward to seeing how he works with his next set of used materials.

Nick Gentry