Interactive App Controls Dancer’s Movements Using iPad Tilts [Video]

The ‘Fifth Wall’ app for the publication 2wice makes use of the iPad’s accelerometer, with the on-screen dancer responding to the shiftings of the user.

Pentagram‘s Abbott Miller has designed an interactive iPad app for his performing arts publication 2wice, in collaboration with choreographer Jonah Bokaer and 2wice publisher Patsy Tarr. It takes advantage of the unique parameters of the device. ‘Fifth Wall‘ transforms the iPad into an interactive performance art space, with the user able to affect the dancer’s movements.

This creative use of technology in the arts world features Bokaer performing within the iPad screen, engaging with the edges, jumping from the corners, and sliding down the sides. The app makes use of the iPad’s accelerometer, adjusting the screen to the proper orientation of the viewer.

The user directly engages with the performance, which responds to their interactions, flipping as it turns, or changing when the surface is swiped. They can also manipulate the app further by scaling the images up or down, lining them up, arranging them in a mosaic, or viewing them in an infinitely receding perspective. ‘Fifth Wall’ is available for download from iTunes for 99 cents and you can check out a preview of the app below:

Fifth Wall