Mobile Case Lets Users Shoot With A DSLR Lens On Their iPhone [Pics]

A simple way to turn a smartphone into a professional camera.

There are lots of apps and gadgets available now that turn ordinary photos you take with the iPhone, into something that looks more professional or stylized. However, any photographer would know that a great photo, also starts with a good lens. A new iPhone case called ‘Phocus Case,’ enables you to use professional DSLR lenses with an iPhone.

The sturdy, lightweight case has a built-in brass tripod and lens mounting points. For $134.95, the kit comes with three lenses, including a macro lens, telephoto lens, and wide-angle lens. If you want to be able to mount a Canon or Nikon lens, you would need to pay an addition $220 or $240 for the adapter.

See more images of the new product below:

Phocus Case