Kids Ask Adults For A Light In Guerrilla Anti-Smoking Campaign [Video]

Ogilvy Asia carried out a stunt in Thailand in which smokers chastise children who ask them for a light and are then asked why they themselves smoke.

In a recent anti-smoking guerrilla stunt by Ogilvy Asia for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, kids walked up to adult smokers and asked them for a light. All the adults chastised them for smoking and told them about all of the negative side effects it causes. Then the children handed them a note, which read “You worry about me. But why not about yourself?” and provided the number for a hotline to call for help quitting. According to Ogilvy’s campaign video, almost every adult paused and threw away their cigarette, and no one threw away their note. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation also reported a 40% increase in calls to the hotline. Check out the campaign video below: