Mandarin Oriental Lets Diners Decide On Hotel Menu By QR Code Voting [Future Of Retail]

After sampling five mini-burgers featuring various local ingredients and cooking methods, guests helped decide which burger would become a regular option.

Our latest Future Of Retail Report looks at the trend of Crowdsourced Product Range. One manifestation of this trend can be seen in the Café Causette at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong. Café Causette recently solicited consumer opinions when deciding what type of burger they should put on its menu; café patrons were given the opportunity to order a special platter of five mini-burgers, each of which featured various local ingredients and cooking traditions.

Following their meal, waiters gave patrons instructions and a special QR code to scan, encouraging them to log into their respective Facebook accounts to vote on their favorite burger. The burger that garnered the most popular support became a permanent fixture on the café’s menu.

Mandarin Oriental Café Causette

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