Paint By Numbers Tiffany Lamps Let Users Create An Art-Deco Design [Pics]

Artist revives an iconic form of home decor through a modern DIY construction method.

Artist Bernardita Marambio Bello‘s latest work is a paper lamp that is put together like a toy. In T 1895, She cuts out the semicircle that will become the lamp shade, assembled the base, and then attached the lamp shade to the base.

The user is left with a white paper shade covered with ‘paint by number’ shapes that can turn the shade into a replica of the famous Tiffany Lamps, if the numbers are followed.

This is a great example of a brand reinvigorating classical Art Nouveau form through craftsmanship and engagement with artists. Check out the gallery below for close up shots of the product.


Bernardita Marambio Bello