Sprite Creates Street Art By Encasing Teens In The Grey Walls Of Prague

Drawing inspiration from artist Liu Bolin’s camouflage series, Sprite urges teens to break out of the norm and not “blend” in.

Sprite rolls out its new global campaign this month that uses visual camouflage to tell drinkers to express their “true selves.” Created by BBH NY and BBH Shanghai, the unique commercial features a technique by camouflage artist Liu Bolin. Twenty two actors were hand-painted into the streets of Prague and once they took a sip of Sprite, the teens emerged from their blended environment. Jonathan Mildenhall, global VP, content excellence for Coca-Cola Company, described the creative project as “an insightful invitation to teens all over the world to feel comfortable about being themselves,” dramatically conveying the brand’s core message of authenticity.

The spots will be running on TV throughout the world, and on YouTube and Facebook. Check out a video showing behind-the-scenes footage of how the spots were created.