In-Store Tech Diagnoses Customers And Offers Personalized Skincare Advice [Future Of Retail]

Specialists at the Eucerin Skin Institute use the results from a specialized Skin Code reader to tailor individual beauty regimes for shoppers.

Our latest Future Of Retail Report looks at the trend of Service With An Opt-In. One manifestation of this theme is skincare brand Eucerin’s new Eucerin Skin Institute, a store that provides scientific skin consultations by way of diagnostic technology in order to create bespoke skincare regimes. Visitors to the store are greeted by staff dermatologists and pharmacists who administer a diagnostic skin test using a specialized Skin Code Reader. Using the readings from this device, the in-store specialists work to deliver a holistic understanding of a proper skincare regimen, along with a curated list of health and beauty products tailored to each individual’s specific needs.


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