Lemonade Prices At This Vending Machine Change Based On The Temperature

Coca-cola’s drink dispensers stocked with Limon&Nada in Spain were equipped with thermometers and the product became cheaper as the weather got hotter.

Spanish marketing agency Momentum has installed 18 vending machines for Coca-Cola’s lemonade drink Limon&Nada that offer discounts when the temperature rises. This creative method of pricing a product is lasting throughout the summer months and the machines have been placed mostly in water parks and other attractions in Spain.

Lemonade Prices At This Dispenser Set By The Temperature

MarketingNews.es reports that the temperature and product price is shown on an information screen and there are three different prices depending on how hot it is. At temperatures of up to 25°, the cans of lemonade cost 2 euros. At 26-29°, they are around 30% cheaper at 1.40 euros, and when the temperature reaches 30° they are half price at just 1 euro.