10 Stories From The Web To Know About Today

Obama holds an AMA on Reddit, two new planets discovered, iPhone4s recycling from Apple and a 3,000 pound, fire-breathing scorpion at Burning Man… A run-down of the latest news from across the Internet.

iPhone 5 imitations called “Goophones” come out of China, a second-take at Pinterest’s social commerce value and some news on chocolate that might just make your day… A run-down of the latest news from across the Internet.

AT&T opens an Apple-like retail store in Chicago. ‘Bout time. Business Insider

In other Apple news, China knocks off the new iPhone 5 before it even gets released. Mashable

Over 100 color combinations now available for your Jawbone Jambox. cool hunting

HBO beats Netflix to Scandinavia with its own movie-streaming service. TechCrunch

Mobile payment system Square is now sold at AT&T stores, increasing access to business owners everywhere. Engadget

There’s been an 82% increase in mobile entertainment consumption from 2010 to 2011.  Mashable

Nice piece on the art of listening at work to improve communication and relationships. Lifehacker

Part 2 of Steve Faktor’s post on how to stimulate happiness in the office.  Harvard Business Review

Zappos says a sale through a link on Twitter generates $33.66 an order. Facebook is $2.08 and Pinterest only 75 cents! Business Insider

In the best news we’ve heard all day, research finds chocolate reducing the risk of stroke in men. The Guardian