$1500 Headphones Let Users Like Music On Facebook With The Touch Of A Button

The company has also released a free smartphone app that allows users to create custom audio settings for their new products.

Denon has just announced its flagship 2012 headphones, the AH-D7100, which are part of the company’s Music Maniac range. The headphones feature real mahogany ear cups, pentagonal-shaped ear pads with memory foam, 50mm “free edge nano fibre” drivers, and a price tag of £1,000.

Denon’s Music Maniac Artisan Headphones offer a reference standard personal listening experience, thanks to an ergonomically-perfect fit and acoustically transparent, studio quality audio performance.

Denon Unveils £1,000 Headphones With Real Mahogany Ear Cups

The headphones, which are due to be released in the UK later this year, will also be compatible with Denon’s free smartphone app. Denon Audio allows owners to create custom audio settings and playlists to use with their headphones. It also lets you update your Facebook or Twitter status about the music you like with a touch of a button.