Campbell’s Soup Celebrates Andy Warhol With ‘Pop-Art’ Inspired Can

The limited edition cans celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s ’32 Campbell’s Soup Cans.’

In what can only be described as full circle, Campbell’s Soup has introduced a line of limited-edition Andy Warhol inspired cans to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the artist’s 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans–¬†a work of art, which, as the name suggests, celebrates the soup of the same name with 32¬†individual pieces of screenprinted art.

Campbell’s Soup isn’t exactly returning the favor in the same fashion- instead of 32 special-cans, they will only sell four pop-art inspired cans (all of the tomato soup variety). Available exclusively at Target starting September 2nd, the cans will be priced at a mere 75 cents, a steal compared to the thousands of dollars the real Warhol pieces fetch at auction today.

Warhol fans will also be able to get a ‘Pop-Art Portrait’ on Campbell’s ‘15 Minutes of Fame‘ Facebook app; upload a photo of yourself to get the Warhol treatment. The special-edition cans coincide with The Metropolitan Museum of Art Andy Warhol retrospective, Regarding Warhol: Sixty Artists, Fifty Years, which will open on September 18th.

Campbell’s Soup