Madrid Train Station Doubles As A Sanctuary For Turtles & Tropical Plants [Pics]

Interior of railway is also a botanical garden and animal habitat.

There’s more to the Atocha Train Station in Madrid, Spain, than the name suggests. The transportation hub doubles as an indoor botanical garden and also a turtle sanctuary. The 13,000 feet of indoor space underneath the skylight arched roof contains sections of tropical trees, flowers, and plants.

What attracts tourists and commuters the most is the popular pond that is home to dozens of turtles of all different sizes. The turtles can be seen swimming around, playing in the water, or just chilling on the rocks while commuters wait for the next train.

The Atocha Train Station opened in 1992 and its interior certainly offers a bit of tranquility and greenery in what is often a gray and hectic environment. Click through the images below for more views of the interior.


Images courtesy of Inhabitat