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Sony Technology Gives Gaming Avatars Same Facial Expression As Players

Sony Technology Gives Gaming Avatars Same Facial Expression As Players

Everquest II now features SOEmote, which uses facial analysis and tracking to reflect gamers' expressions and voice fonts that let them alter how they sound.

Emma Hutchings

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has made its SOEmote technology available in the online role playing game EverQuest II. The new feature aims to make the game more immersive, by allowing players to create characters that reflect their personality both visually and audibly.

Sony Technology Gives Gaming Avatars Same Facial Expression As Players

SOEmote is compatible with most PCs and webcams, and it features Image Metrics’ Live Driver and voice fonts. Live Driver provides real-time facial analysis and expression tracking. It uses standard web cams to analyze thousands of expression measurements per second so that the character’s expressions precisely reflect the player’s in real-time. Voice fonts allow players to change their character’s voice by making it mimic their own, changing the pitch, or choosing a voice they prefer. Robert Gehorsam, CEO of Image Metrics, said:

For gamers – and especially role-players – the more immersive the experience, the better the game. SOE is using Live Driver in SOEmote to unlock levels of expression and interaction between EQII players that simply haven’t been possible until now. Live Driver lets players simply be themselves and inhabit their character in a completely natural way. With it, SOEmote captures and reflects the slightest nuances of expression and emotion, allowing for the kinds of social experiences that players and developers have sought to create for years.

Find out more information in the video below.


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