Brooklyn Bookstore Lets You Trade Paperbacks For Coffee

Molasses Books in Bushwick is changing up the traditional retail model by offering customers the chance to barter and swap.

Molasses Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn is a new bookstore that offers a change from the traditional retail model, letting customers trade their books for a coffee tab or even more books. The store owner, Matthew Winn, is also applying for a tavern license, which will enable them to swap for beer and wine in the future as well.

Brooklyn Bookstore Lets You Trade Paperbacks For Coffee

The small, curated store is light and open, with space for a dozen people to sit and read and plenty of room to browse. Lots of fiction titles cover one wall, while non-fiction, art, photography, can be found there as well. The average book is priced at $1-10. Brokelyn reports there isn’t an exact science for the buying and selling system just yet: “You’ll get about a third of the resale value in cash, or a little more for trade or a tab at the bar.”

Molasses Books

Photo by Paul Ker