Artist Sells Gift Boxes Filled With Chocolate Guns

Artist Sells Gift Boxes Filled With Chocolate Guns

 Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-Cheng creates a deviant manifestation of Valentine's Day in his recent hoax-art installation.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

We usually associate Valentine’s Day with hearts, flowers, and love-inspired motifs, but Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-Cheng offers a less romantic perspective. Known for creating illusions and hoaxes, Cheng created ‘Happy Valentine’s Day,’ a large-scale art installation that features a chocolate shop adorned with pink walls and decorations of hearts and ribbons.

But instead of chocolate boxes filled with hearts and roses, the boxes bear chocolate molded into guns, hand grenades, and tanks, among other forms of arms and artillery. In this manner, Cheng aims to communicate the ambiguous relationship of cooperation and self-rooted motives.

Click through the gallery to see Cheng’s edgy interpretation of Heart’s Day:

Tu Wei-Cheng

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