Solar-Powered Still Converts Salt Water Into Drinking Water

Gabriele Diamanti’s ‘Eliodomestico’ is an eco-distiller that can transform brackish or sea water into safe drinking water.

Milan-based industrial designer Gabriele Diamanti has developed a solar-powered still that can transform brackish or salt water into drinkable water over the course of the day. ‘Eliodomestico’ is intended to bring safe drinking water to people in developing countries, so instead of having to travel for miles, they could have ready access to fresh water.

Solar-Powered Still Converts Salty Water Into Drinkable Water

The eco-distiller is made from low-cost, widely available materials, requires minimal maintenance, and can produce 5 liters daily through a direct solar-powered distillation process. It works without filters or electricity, as the heat of the day increases the pressure inside the still, creating steam that turns into fresh water when cooled.

Gabriele Diamanti