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Delayed Response Mirrors Show Drunk Drivers How Slow Their Reflexes Are

Delayed Response Mirrors Show Drunk Drivers How Slow Their Reflexes Are

'Drunken Mirror' display to bar goers how their reflexes decrease as they drink as a way to stop them from driving home.

Karen Baker

Everyone knows you shouldn’t drive after drinking, but when drinking you typically don’t exercise your best judgment. If potential drunk drivers could be targeted before they step into the car – or even better, before they leave the bar – how many accidents could be avoided?

Insurance company Allianz┬ádecided to take a chance and find out. Partnering with OgilvyOne Brazil, they installed “Drunken Mirrors” in the bathrooms of bars and clubs. These mirrors look like normal mirrors, so it comes as a surprise when they pause just a moment too long before changing. In other words, the mirror’s own reactions are delayed to simulate how a person’s reflexes are slowed down after a couple of drinks.

Check out the mirror in action below:

The campaign offers an on-site, interactive approach to telling people what they may dismiss when sober by giving them real-time feedback about the potential dangers of their actions.

OgilvyOne Worldwide

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