Dos Equis Traveling Food Trucks Will Serve Alligator, Jellyfish, & Kangaroo

The brand is rolling out the ‘Most Interesting Academy’ platform by launching food trucks with unusual ingredients and providing info about the...

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on August 24, 2012.

Dos Equis has launched mobile food trucks with unusual ingredients as part of its ‘Most Interesting Academy‘. Representatives will explain to guests the history and culture of the food, including chicken feet, silkworm, grilled kangaroo, alligator tail, and jellyfish.

The Dos Equis Mobile Academy is a fleet of seven different food trucks with menus as unique as the cities they roll through. The culinary experience features adventurous cuisines from a variety of regions and cultures. Each Mobile Academy truck will have an individualized menu with a corresponding cultural ritual that truly brings the experience to life. The trucks will be in Chicago from August 21st-30th, in Dallas, Houston, Miami and Phoenix from September 12th-22nd, and in San Diego and San Francisco from October 3rd-13th. Nipa Parekh, Dos Equis’ senior brand director, said:

Connecting our fans with incredible experiences that enrich their lives is what Dos Equis is all about. We’ve got a great selection of local chefs that we’re partnering with across the country, and can’t wait to flip the script to bring fans a new take on the traditional food truck experience.

Dos Equis Traveling Food Trucks Will Serve Alligator, Jellyfish, and Kangaroo

As part of the Most Interesting Academy, Dos Equis will also be rewarding adventure seekers through the “Stay Thirsty Grant” competition. Applicants will be offered the opportunity to realize their dreams, with grants of up to $25,000.

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