Camouflage Face Paint Protects Soldiers From Bomb Explosions [Video]

Military cosmetic that shields the skin from extreme heat of over 1,000 degree Fahrenheit.

The American Chemical Society has developed a special face paint that can shield soldiers from the extreme heat that is created when an explosive device goes off. The heat can reach over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is enough to severely burn the skin. The new camouflage paint counteracts this and acts as a heat-protective layer for the skin.

The paint includes hydrogel, a water-based chemical to make the product less flammable. The product is also water-proof and contains DEET to repel insects.  The project was funded by the Army and the paint has gone through successful tests already. The next step is putting the design to use and possibly creating a colorless version for firefighters to use.

Watch the video below as researchers demonstrate the face paint.

New Scientist