Which Famous Author’s Style Does Your Writing Mimic?

The website ‘I Write Like’ features an addictive app that analyzes your word choice and composition and compares the results to those of famous writers.

Think you could be the next Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, or even upstage current writers like David Sedaris with your wry wit? Test your skills with the website ‘I Write Like.’  The site lets you find out which famous author is your muse; a statistical analysis tool analyzes your word choice and writing style, matching the results to those of famous writers.

Simply paste a few paragraphs of English text into the box- use anything from a blog post, journal entry, or a chapter of your book- and click the ‘Analyze’ button. The results page features a badge showing whose style you emulate the most and a list of their published works on Amazon. It also lets you share your results on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and elsewhere using a link or embed code.

What author are you most like?

I Write Like

Photo by Erin Kohlenberg