Company Using Gamification and Monetary Rewards To Keep Employees Fit

IBM’s new program offers rewards to those who eat well and exercise, while also providing real-time feedback on health metrics such as calorie consumption.

PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

Companies aren’t just using gamification for office-related tasks, IBM is taking a different approach by offering monetary rewards to encourage employees to eat well and exercise. As well as this incentive, they will also receive real-time feedback on health metrics such as calorie consumption.

IBM’s program has received patent approval and they are now hoping to license it to health insurance providers. It could provide them with more info about those they insure, allowing them to cut costs and premiums for healthy employees. However, as it requires users to submit their own data on eating and exercise, some may feel they are sharing too much and others may not be completely truthful.

For more information about IBM’s program, watch the video below:


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