Google Creates 3D, Interactive Version Of Versailles

This Chrome Experiment is an in-browser tour of the Palace of Versailles called ‘Chaos to Perfection’, which takes users to places like the Grand Canal and the Hall of Mirrors.

Google has produced an interactive 3D tour of Versailles that utilizes WebGL to guide users around the iconic parts of the French palace. This Chrome Experiment, entitled ‘Chaos to Perfection,’ brings history into the digital age, helping to teach and engage the user.

Google Creates 3D, Interactive Version Of Versailles

The tour can be viewed all at once or broken down into key locations, allowing users to inspect Google’s 3D models. They can explore the Grand Canal, the Hall of Mirrors, the Orangerie, the Colonnage grove, and many other places. The interactive experience is set to Love Like a Sunset by the French band Phoenix.

Check out the video below for more info.

Chaos to Perfection