Grow Flowers By Planting Used Pencil Stubs [Video]

Grow Flowers By Planting Used Pencil Stubs [Video]

Writing instrument can be planted once it's too short to use.

Yi Chen

Sprout┬áis a Kickstarter project that aims to give wooden pencils a new life when they’ve been used up. Instead of throwing these pencils away when they’re too short to use, they can be planted into soil and grow into herbs or flowers. At the end of each Sprout pencil is a seed embedded into a capsule. By placing the pencil capsule-side down into soil and watering it, plants would start sprouting in about a week.

Sprout pencils would come in different sorts, including basil, dill, eggplant, marigold, forget-me-not, and tomato, just to name a few. The Kickstarter project hopes to raise $25,000 by mid-September. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how Sprout works: