Levis’ Pop Up Phone Booth Puts Players On The Radio With Interactive Challenges

The interactive installations were put up in Hong Kong malls where the denim brand gave away free prizes to participants.

The denim company partnered with advertising agency TBWA to increase exposure to their brand and appeal to Hong Kong youth culture. The result was the ‘Levis Summer Hotline,’ a seemingly innocent bright red telephone booth placed in malls and shopping centers across Hong Kong. Two popular radio hosts connected with booths via video from the Levi’s store and challenged contestants to answer questions or do crazy stunts. The crazier the stunt, the bigger the prize, which was printed out in the booth like a receipt to be redeemed at nearby Levi’s stores.

Watch the booths in action below:

The campaign saw nearly 1/2 a million people enter the booths over a three day period, and drove sales up by 30%.

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