Modern Home Features Lounging Hammock Suspended Over The Stairs [Pics]

Architects utilize apartment space with an hovering netted area.

Architects OODA from Oporto, Portugal, have transformed a two-story apartment to include a large hammock that hovers over a staircase. The hammock not only creates an interesting piece within the home, but also utilizes the space of this 150-square-meter apartment. Residents can access the net from the top floor, which over-looks the balcony window and also hovers over part of the living room.

The 227 FLAT is intentionally built to be more open spaced with large windows to let more natural light in. The minimalistic structure also includes clever storage options, such as shapes impressed into the walls that also act as shelves, and built-in drawers, cupboards, and appliances.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images of the innovative hammock.