Odor Menu Provides The Smells Of Food Dishes So The Blind Can Order [Pics]

This concept design takes a new approach to helping the visually impaired order in restaurants by offering a Braille menu with appetizing scents that correspond with the meals.

The Odor Menu is a concept design that aims to help the blind and visually impaired choose what food to order at a restaurant. The small device by Liu Jie, Wen Ho, and Liu Dongming replaces picture menus and instead appeals to the user’s sense of smell. It features an EAP (Electric Active Plastic) screen that changes to display each dish name in Braille. Pressing the button releases the appetizing scent of the corresponding meal through odor outlets at the base. Left and right raised arrows let the user easily scroll through the menu options until they find what they’d like to order.

Click through to see pictures of the Odor Menu:

Odor Menu