Is Your Office’s Design Keeping You Fit And Focused? [Future Of Work]

PSFK is asking readers to show us great examples of products and initiatives that help make their workplace healthier.

Matt Sabourin
Matt Sabourin on August 25, 2012. @mattsabes
PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

In yesterday’s Future of Work post, we explored the concept of  how modular design is allowing offices to be flexible enough to accommodate a variety of work styles and employee needs. But what good is all that high design if it’s only going to contribute to unhealthy work habits? Case in point, thought about your posture lately?

Today we’re taking a look at workplace furniture designs that not only aim to improve the health of those that use them, but can also contribute to a more productive day by giving workers more energy. It’s no secret that sitting all day at your desk is bad for you, and companies are beginning to step up  and offer their workers alternatives to the sitting desk.  For instance,  standing and treadmill desks have been adopted by hundreds of companies, including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Google and Groupon, as a way to improve the health and productivity of their employees. And some are even going so far as to hold all of their meetings while standing up.

With that in mind, we’ve dug up a few recent examples of ergonomically-inspired furniture that has been designed to improve your health while ideally positioning you for that corner office gig.

‘Smart’ Office Chair Adjusts To The User’s Movements To Keep Them Engaged

Upright Stool Design Wants To Do-Away With The Office Chair

PSFK is asking readers to show us great examples of products and initiatives that help make their workplace healthier.

Do you balance on a fitness ball while balancing the books? Maybe you prefer to stand tall at your desk while your colleagues admire your stature from their padded chairs? Whatever your preference, we want you to share it with us. Send us pictures of your unique desk setup, or shoot us links to other cool examples of fitness furniture.

Tweet us your ideas to @psfk using #FoW #WorkFitness so we know who to credit. The best response will win a Fitbit Ultra Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker.

Over the next 4-8 weeks we want to start a conversation around what you see is possible in the Future of Work. Feel free to follow the conversation here and participate in the ongoing competitions. Find the previous Week 1 challenges here: Day 1 and Day 2.