How To Reimagine Wearable Technology

How To Reimagine Wearable Technology

Digital Art Director Dhani Sutanto has been developing a line of wearable Oyster Cards for Londoners and envisions a future of DIY wearable devices. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Kyana Gordon
  • 6 august 2012

PSFK spoke to Dhani Sutanto, a Digital Art Director who became fed up with swiping his Oyster card through the reader like millions of other Londoners each day. Inspired by Heineken’s new challenge to reinvent the Draught Beer Experience, has interviewed change-making creatives who are constantly reinventing the world around them. Sutanto decided to tinker around with the card and create a more fashionable way to get in and out of the sensor-driven turnstyles. We spoke to him about his first creation, a ring that contains an Oyster Card chip and how reimagining form factors can not only result in more pleasureable transporation solutions, but also everyday transactions.

How did you come up with the idea for the Oyster Ring?

The idea was a fluke really. I attached my Oyster card to my key ring, and actually punched a hole through the chip instead. You don’t really know what’s inside. And I found out how the Oyster card worked by dissolving the transport ticket.

I discovered you could remove the card using nail polish remover, since its made from paper and a coat of plastic with similar chemicals as nail polish. Then I began to think how can I put it into something that is more convenient like a ring and that’s how the idea came about.

We love your exploration of using alternative objects other than cards (and mobile phones) for transportation payment.  

Actually, I’m creating a 2nd version of the ring and am molding different sizes of the ring. With the next version of the Oyster ring you will not have to remove it from your finger. In this case, I’m thinking a wider ring or a bangle to be able to be read by a reader at a gate on the Underground or when you get on a bus.

Have you thought of creating a line of wearable digital devices?

I’m thinking of developing something wearable that has to do with cycling or motor biking. My initial thought is how can I help cyclists so they don’t have to take their hands off the handlebars and let the person behind them know they that are turning? How about every time you turn right or left – a signal would be sent to the device contained within your jacket. The back of your jacket would then light up with directional signals.

What societal inefficiencies could we solve with wearable tech? 

By saving time in the way we get information, helps memory, and makes things much more effective.  For example, the long immigration queue where you show your passport at the airport. We can make that faster with an ID that stores tickets, passport number, and all relevant info to you.

For the Olympics, I waited an hour and a half to pick up a paper ticket. It could have been sped up if my purchase information was more easily transferred out of my phone to the cashier.

In terms of the medical and health sectors, by wearing a ring that knows you’re allergic to something, so that you’ll get an alert when you’re about to purchase something that may be harmful to you.

In 3rd world countries wearable tech could help in educating a community about their water supply. The device would determine if it’s harmful or safe to drink. It would provide data with all the chemicals contained within it to determine the water’s cleanliness.

How do you envision the future of wearable digital devices?

I think in the future, wearable devices will be affordable, easy to make and not made by one particular company. Anyone will have access to the technology. Wearable devices can help with much more simple tasks. In the future, we will be more into DIY wearable technology – not implanted.

With 3D printing you can make custom products, so why can’t you store all your info on a universal ID accessory. It’s similar to how you can sign into different services using Facebook. You can basically create a unique universal ID so you’re not dependent on a plastic card manufacturer – you can customize it to be a ring, bracelet, or necklace. This device would contain all your information doesn’t depend on an Internet connection or mobile phone battery.

Thanks Dhani! 

About Heineken’s Challenge To Reinvent The Draught Beer Experience

In a rather audacious move, Heineken are asking people from certain countries around the world to come up with new ideas tied to the draught beer experience. Over at the Heineken Ideas Brewery site, creative minds can offer a new vision to the drinks company.

Heineken say that draught beer is enjoyed the world-over, but it has not changed much over the years and Heineken sees the potential to take inspiration from technological advances and the development of other industries to create an exciting new era in draught beer.

Submit your new draught experience concepts at Heineken Ideas Brewery.



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