Rooftop Urban Farm Provides South Africa With Fresh Foods & Jobs

A garden growing organic produce situated on top of a tall building in Durban.

In the dense city of Durban, South Africa, you can still manage to find greenery among the concrete urban buildings. The 1,300-square-meter farm is situated on the rooftop of a tall tower. The garden boasts a generous amount of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and plants. The organic foods grown here are often donated to kitchen soups, orphanages, schools, or sold to local restaurants. The project is not only providing the community with fresh fruits and vegetables, but it’s also creating jobs.

The urban rooftop farm is a project initiated by Durban’s eThekwini municipality, which aims to reduce crime in inner city areas, and transform rundown places into welcoming spaces. The garden is also built on environmental sustainable principles, such as using upcycled items, utilizing solar energy, collecting rainwater, and having a worm farm and rooftop hive.