Social Network Hosts Study Groups To Help Students Learn Outside The Classroom

Lore has announced new features that give greater opportunities for connecting students and educators on a web-based learning platform.

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Lore, the social network for education that started out by focusing on individual classes, has announced new features that help connect students and educators. These aim to expand their users’ knowledge base and foster learning outside of the classroom as well as in it.

Social Network Hosts Study Groups To Help Students Learn Outside The Classroom

Previously, students could only join Lore if their instructor invited them and communities were solely built around courses. Now, students can join Lore to create an academic profile, follow classmates and professors, and join groups for studying, interests, societies and clubs. They can also follow anyone on the network to receive their updates in the new Dashboard, and directly contact others with real-time messaging. Joseph Cohen, Lore’s co-founder and CEO, said:

We created Lore to make education better by connecting people. This is the next step. And we’re excited to see the new relationships and communities students form on Lore.


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