Wooden Keyboard Makes It Easier To Type

Wooden Keyboard Makes It Easier To Type

The Engrain 'Tactile Keyboard' uses natural materials to add warmth to user interfaces.

Karen Baker

The Engrain Tactile keyboard is layered with sand-blasted wood grain cut to fit the keys of a keyboard. Designer Michael Roopenian wanted to strengthen the relationship “between user and interface” in this tactile project. Using a single piece of wood, the keyboard overlay provides both consistency in texture and variation, as each key is slightly different based on how much it gets used, which helps you to know if you are pressing the right one.

A refreshing rethink of user interface, this keyboard uses texture to add warmth to a user’s digital experience. In a world dominated by screens, what is the role of materials and texture in creating deeper connections between user and product?

Engrain Tactile Keyboard