Abuse An Intern From Miles Away With This Internet-Controlled Robot

A remote robotic apparatus created by Neo-Pangea allows visitors from across the globe to inflict a range of amusing irritants.

Design and production boutique Neo-Pangea is hosting a live event next month that offers online visitors the chance to physically and mentally abuse their intern. The ‘Intern Abuser‘ is a remote robotic apparatus that lets people inflict a range of amusing irritants from their computer.

You can sign up for the event on October 11th and 12th, and when your turn comes up, you’ll have 30 seconds to take aim at a series of targets using a foam dart gun. You get three shots at hitting a target that will trigger a specific abusive device. There is a cartoon-like boxing glove (Sucker Punch), foamed bat (Let’s Go Clubbing), rapidly flickering strobe light (the Studio 54), fog machine blast (Smoke Out), and a sudden blast of air to the face (Pull My Finger).

Abuse An Intern From Miles Away With This Internet-Controlled Robot

Visitors will be able to watch the abuse via a live video broadcast, and also live-tweet with the intern. If you happen to feel guilty after inflicting your abuse, there is a PayPal account for the intern so you can donate to their college fund. Neo-Pangea co-founder Brett Bagenstose said:

It’s not as evil as it sounds. The truth is, we love our intern and thought this would be an amusing way to engage people with our innovative applications, while also helping him earn money for his college loans.

Check out the video about the project below for more info:

Intern Abuser