Artist With Brain Cancer ‘Hacks’ His Medical Records To Create Opensource Art

Salvatore Iaconesi, a data artist and TED fellow, has converted his records into open formats and invited doctors, designers, and hackers to send him their cure.

Data artist and TED fellow Salvatore Iaconesi has been diagnosed with brain cancer and has converted his medical records into an open digital format so people can view them and create artworks, designs, or offer medical advice. The records are available from his website, on a page entitled ‘My Open Source Cure.’ This project shows the power of open-source information, as Iaconesi invites artists, scientists, doctors, designers, and hackers to send him their cure.

In different cultures the word CURE means different things, referring to the body, the soul or to society. Send me your cure at and it will be published on the website, so that anyone (maybe someone with my same disease) will be able to benefit from it.

Check out the video below for more information about the project:

My Open Source Cure