Face-Scanning Cameras Can Tell Users If They’re Drunk

Researchers from the University of Patras are developing software that can detect changes in skin color and temperature that indicates you are drunk.

Researchers from the University of Patras in Greece are developing video software that can detect whether you are drunk. Georgia Koukiou and Vassilis Anastassopoulos’ research into drunk person identification is carried out using thermal infrared images. The software analyzes people’s faces, detecting changes in skin color that indicate ‘drunkness’ and uses thermal imaging technology to scan the temperature of your forehead and nose.

Face-Scanning Cameras Can Detect When You’re Drunk

When you’re drunk, the blood vessels beneath your skin dilate causing it to change color, and your forehead remains cool while your nose warms up. The software has an algorithm that locates these facial features in images and the researchers believe that their software could be used to reliably identify intoxicated people.

Drunk Person Identification

Photos by Chapendra and Jimmy Hilario