Motivational App Has Users Check-In To Cross Off Items On Their To-Do List

A new self-help app helps you keep on track with daily tasks by receiving “props” from your friends and family when you accomplish a task.

If you’ve always been on the lookout for the one app that can effectively train you to accomplish all the items in your to-do list, then Lift may be perfect for you. The “check-in” based app allows you to list down your habit goals and check your progress regularly through graphs that display how often each task was performed.

Lift features “Momentum,” a yardstick device that measures the perceived distance between you and your goal; to gain Momentum, you must check-into a habit at least three times a week. As a social app, Lift lets fellow users comment and give you “props” for your activity.

From Lift:

The key to success is paying attention and taking it one step at a time. Simply check into your habits on the days that you do them, and perhaps record a note about how it went. You’ll be surprised at how a bit of motivation can go a long way.