Clock Can Hang In Any Direction And From Any Surface

The AboutFaceClock has a unique design that makes it possible to be hung in any direction on a wall, from the ceiling, or on a ledge.

The AboutFaceClock was designed by architect and product designer Mark Ejnes from Santa Monica, California. The unique and innovative clock can be hung in any direction on a wall, from the ceiling, on a ledge, etc.

It comes with a custom-designed “puck+hanger” mounting bracket, which can be attached to any surface. You can hang it in lots of different directions and orientations using the many holes on the back. There aren’t any numerals on the face, so the clock can be rotated and still work in any direction.

The AboutFaceClock is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, where cardboard ($40) and powder coated metal ($150) versions are available. You can also choose between rectangular or round, and select your preferred graphic design or color for the clock face. Click through to see photos of the designs and watch the project video below: