Designer Tackles Indoor Bike Storage With Multi-Use Shelving Idea

Bike rack, room divider, bench, storage shelving, all in one.

Swiss industrial designer Thomas Walde recently debuted Shoes, Books and a Bike, a multifunctional bike rack developed especially for people living in small spaces. Shoes, Books and a Bike is essentially a large open box made of pine which is divided into segments. The upper portion hold a bike using a simple wheel clamp. The bike rests on a horizontal coconut fibre padded shelf which doubles as a seating bench. Underneath is a series of three divided storage bays for shoes, books or bike gear.

Shoes, Books and a Bike can serve as a room divider in an open plan space or a studio apartment. One of the nice features over most of the existing bike racks is there is no need to drill holes in a wall or ceiling for hanging hardware. Shoes, Books and a Bike is self contained.

Walde wanted to allow bike owners the opportunity to display their bikes with pride in their homes and have it be a symbol of good health.