‘Fairy-Tale’ Hotel Offers Guests A Garden With Butterflies & Edible Plants

This new hospitality experience in Amsterdam provides exclusive shopping, lectures, exhibitions, and a dining room serving local favorites.

Hôtel Droog in Amsterdam offers guests some unique experiences including a garden where they can eat the plants, an art gallery, a restaurant offering local favorites, exclusive shopping, beauty advice, a lecture series, or a room for the night. Dutch design firm Droog opened the hotel, housed in 700 square meters in a 17th century building, and they curate exhibitions in the gallery and also have their own store.

Hotel Droog Offers Guests ‘Fairy-Tale’ Garden With Butterflies & Edible Plants

There are three other stores for guests to shop in the hotel, Beauty at Cosmania, Fashion at Kabinet, and Products at Weltevree. Dezeen reports that the dining room serves dishes from local neighborhood recipes and the fairytale garden, designed by Claude Pasquer and Corinne Détroyat, is full of flowers and edible plants to attract birds, butterflies, and insects. The bedrooms are on the top floor of the hotel, offering a great view of the city. Renny Ramakers, co-founder and director of Droog, said:

The concept of a hotel has been reversed. Whereas a hotel is usually mostly about sleeping, here we have enlarged and emphasized all the aspects that many hotels also offer and made them central to the hotel experience—and it even has a room to sleep in. Hôtel Droog brings all of our activities under one roof—from curation to product design, exhibitions and lectures—and invites people to plug in as they choose.

Hotel Droog Offers Guests ‘Fairy-Tale’ Garden With Butterflies & Edible Plants

Hôtel Droog