Home Delivered Fresh Ingredients With The Recipes To Prepare Them

Blue Apron makes cooking at home more convenient by sending users meal ideas and the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare them.

Blue Apron plans to make home-cooked meals much more efficient and convenient. Each week, the online store mails its subscribers three different recipes, along with a package containing the ingredients in the exact amount needed to cook each meal for two people.

Each recipe is put together by a chef and although it might sound complicated, some of the dishes take less than 35 minutes to prepare with the simple to understand step-by-step instructions. Matt Salzberg, founder of Blue Apron, explained that, “We make cooking fun and easy for people by taking all the work out of it. We’re a new kind of Fresh Direct.”

The service costs $60 a week, which works out to be around $10 per meal per person, and includes tax, delivery, and the recipes.

Blue Apron