Handmade, 3D Printed Shoes Look Like Futuristic Combat Boots [Pics]

‘A Wrong Mongrel’ is Ross Barber’s collection of 8 leather boots that investigate the development of ‘hybridism’ with their contemporary designs.

‘A Wrong Mongrel’ is a collection of eight leather boots for men designed by student Ross Barber and presented at the London College of Fashion’s Graduate Expo. They feature intricate 3D printed decorations composed of nylon on top of the handmade boots, exploring the idea of ‘hybrid’ design.

Handmade, 3D Printed Shoes Form Intricate Designs [Pics]

Barber’s experimental project shows the metamorphosis that occurs in the design process, with each boot representing a different stage of the mutation. Click through to see the contemporary collection of footwear:


Ross Barber