Southwest Air Hosts In-Flight Culinary Competition

Southwest Air Hosts In-Flight Culinary Competition

To celebrate National Peanut Day, the airline got together with Dish Trip to create 'Food Flight', where 4 passengers had to create dishes in the air featuring popular airplane food.

Emma Hutchings

Southwest Airlines and Dish Trip teamed up to celebrate National Peanut Day with a culinary competition called ‘Food Flight.’ Unsuspecting passengers on a recent flight got to witness the famous in-flight food being turned into different creative dishes en-route to their destination.

Four competitors were chosen by crew members and challenged to improvise their own creation using peanuts as the main ingredient and other food typically found on an airplane, along with some bonus ingredients. This creative competition was a great way to engage passengers and differentiate the brands. You can watch what happened and see the creative culinary delights in the video below: