Artists Turn Blue-Chip Gallery Into Rooms Filled With Junk


A quirky and unique art installation sees visitors climbing through holes in walls.

Yi Chen

The Marlborough Chelsea Gallery, located in New York City, is often a venue for innovative contemporary artists. The gallery’s clean and open space was recently transformed into a ‘dumpster’ by Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe in the installation ‘Stray Light Grey.’ The two installation artists built intricate rooms filled with objects to recreate memories from their travels, and what they’ve seen on YouTube.

One of the rooms includes cables and computer components encrusted in salt, and another of a mahogany library full of unnamed books. Visitors navigate the exhibition via holes smashed through walls. The installation would somewhat feel like a deserted movie set. Freeman explains that, ‘It’ll be like some horrible event had happened and everyone had to evacuate.’

Take a look at their installations from previous exhibits:

Marlborough Chelsea

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