Illuminated Notes Travel By River To Encourage Soldiers To Come Home

The sole winner of the Black Pencil this year, the ‘Rivers of Light’ campaign by Colombian agency Lowe/SSP3 attempted to demobilize guerilla fighters.

Colombian agency Lowe/SSP3 tried to encourage FARC guerilla fighters to reflect on their situation and return to their families at Christmas. Their ‘Rivers of Light’ campaign saw the local people write over 6,000 messages, which were put into waterproof capsules that lit up at night. These were then sent, along with small gifts, down the country’s rivers. Guerilla camps are positioned nearby as they use rivers as important channels of communication and transportation.

The creative campaign was the sole winner of the Black Pencil this year at the D&AD awards. Watch the video below to learn more about ‘Rivers of Light':

Rivers of Light