Oyster Shell Bathtub Lets Users Set The Mood With Lighting & Sound [Pics]

The Mother of Pearl bath has a top that extends over the tub and a touch interface that sets the ambient lighting and music to increase relaxation or fun.

Milan-based design studio DesignLibero‘s ‘Mother of Pearl’ bathtub looks somewhat like an oyster, with a top that extends over the tub. The luxurious bath aims to provide a sensuous escape from stress by stimulating and soothing all the five senses.

Oyster-Inspired Bathtub Lets You Set The Mood With Lighting & Sound [Pics]

A touch interface lets you set the ambient lighting, sound and aromatherapy, with wellness programs (relaxing, energetic, fun, tropical pleasure) or you can create your own. Built-in pots let you plant flowers on the edge of the tub, giving you a glimpse of nature while you indulge in the bath. Click through to see pictures of the ‘Mother of Pearl’ design below: